Steam Jet Ejectors Systems


We are proud manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Steam Jet Electors Systems, these are reliable and economical. The conventional steam jet ejector has four parts; the steam chest, nozzle, mixing chamber and  diffuser. They are low initial cost, lack of moving parts and simplicity of operation.

Multiple-Nozzle Ejectors

Being unique in design and performance, the products offered provides steam savings of 10% to 20%, when compared to single nozzle.

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Single-Nozzle Ejectors

The product is used for either critical or non-critical flow but generally for only one set of design conditions.

Installation of Water Jet Ejector

We are well-known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Water Jet Ejector. These products should be installed to minimize pressure drop at water re-circulation. At the ground level or higher elevation the product is easy to install. These Ejectors can be installed at ground level or at any higher elevation. These should be installed at water re-circulation tank to minimize pressure drop.

Spindle-Operated Ejectors

Whenever suction or discharge pressures vary Spindle-operated ejectors are indicated. During the operation, a pneumatically-driven tapered spindle moves in and out of the nozzle orifice and controls motive fluid flow.

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Principle of Steam Jet Ejectors

Our clients can avail Steam Jet Ejectors that are reliable and available at cost-effective prices. Pressure energy of motive fluid is converted into velocity energy in the product. Steam jet ejectors offer a reliable and economical means for producing vacuum. In steam jet ejector, pressure energy of motive fluid is converted into velocity energy. Moreover, the velocity energy entrains the suction fluid. This entrained mixture of motive fluid and suction fluid is discharged via convergent/divergent diffuser, where its velocity energy is reconverted into pressure energy. This action makes the discharge pressure higher than suction pressure thus, a steam jet ejector behaves like a compressor.


We are involved in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of Condensers. It is an apparatus used to reduce a vapour to its liquid state by removal of latent heat from the vapour. Its major function is removal of condensable vapour ahead of a given ejector stage.

Other functions of Condenser are as follows:

  • Precondenser: it is used for direct condensing of vapours from the process. Non-condensable are removed from the precondenser by one or more ejector stages. The absolute force of process must be adequately high to allow condensation with the available water supply.
  • Intercondenser: Intercondenser is used between the ejector stages where two or more stages are required to compress non-condensable from a process or condenser pressure to atmospheric pressure, also it eliminates the handling of motive steam from a preceding stage.
  • Condenser or booster condenser: They are Used to condense process vapour and motive steam form one or more preceding booster ejectors which compress process vapours from required low absolute pressure to the higher absolute pressure necessary for condensation by the available condenser water.
  • After condenser: After condenser is used to condense steam discharging from a to z or last stage ejector at atmospheric pressure. Non-condensable are vented into atmosphere.
  • There are two basic types of condensers: Direct Contact and Surface.